Celebrity Stylist Shares Secrets For Terrific Hair

Hair care professional Tim Rogers, who has amongst his customers Yoko Ono, Missy Rayder, Diane Sawyer, Kelly Gray, Samantha Boardman and Amanda Peet, combed through a few of the tricks he provides stars when they have a bad hair day and created a couple of you might utilize:

Q. Any suggestions on how I can take much better care of my hair?

A. Wash hair no more typically than every other day. New Results Colour Bright hair shampoo and conditioner are developed particularly for dealing with and securing multitonal hair tones. The sun’s rays can remove away natural oils as well as the pigment that offers hair its color.

Q. I require a brand-new hairdo. Can you assist?

Web websites like www.smartfixx.com provide extensive recommendations from beauty salon specialists. There’s detailed styling suggestions in video you can play, stop briefly, download and rewind to see how to get the appearance you like.

Q. I’m thinking about altering my hair color from blonde to red. What’s the very best method?

A. Redheads aren’t specified by “dark or light” however by tone. Glossing treatments deposit tone without lightening hair for optimum reflection and minimum damage.

Q. I’m a person and I actually like my brand-new brief hairdo however it needs several styling items mainly produced for females. Exist multipurpose items guys can utilize?

For brief hair, wax sticks or gel strips are wonderful multipurpose choices for keeping hair in location, taming flyaways or offering it a textured, spiky appearance. My preferred items from this Smart Fixx line are the H2O Styling Strips, which you can get at pharmacies. Merely include the gel to damp hair with your fingertips.


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